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Craig's passion for options translates into clear and useful teaching. Highly recommended in a classroom or one-on-one setting. 

Joel H.

Craig has encyclopedic knowledge of all things relating to Options Trading.  I gained a ton of knowledge from his class slides, assigned homework and supplemental material.  I went in hoping to get a taste of what Options were all about and got a whole world of information.

 Justin C.

I have been in Craig’s coaching/mentoring program for quite some time and am planning to further this

Craig has a very impressive set of skills and understanding of the Think or Swim and dough trading platforms, and how to profitably trade options, and he is an overall great teacher.  I gained a lot from his class; I was exposed to new trading platforms, online resources, and other information about trading.  My trading skills have improved and I am excited about my future profit potential in trading options.  Finally, I am now a coaching/mentoring student of Craig's and I am thankful for his great knowledge, professionalism, dedication and willingness to help me in learning how to trade profitably.

Brian W.

I have been in Craig’s coaching/mentoring program for quite some time and am planning to further this unique one-on-one learning experience.  Before meeting with Craig, I thought I understood options trading, but I was doing things that were not in my best interest. He has provided me exceptional instruction and resources to help improve the probability of my success. Craig has the talent of turning complicated issues into easy to understand ones. He is a very talented teacher and is very passionate about teaching.  I highly recommend his coaching/mentoring program for anybody interested in learning to successfully trade options.

Salah E.

Without any previous options experience, I recently completed an introductory Equity Options Trading class with Craig Forman.   His approachable and welcoming disposition coupled to his evident robust knowledge and command of the topic made the complex subject matter more easily understandable.  He brought real life examples into the classroom, matching actionable statistics with more advanced financial concepts, which he explained in a clear and concise way, while also sharing a thoughtfully curated list of online resources for advanced learning outside the classroom.  I only wish I had taken this course in my early twenties.  Highly recommend it.

William N.

Craig's class is a great way to get started trading options using the tastytrade method.  For such a short class, we covered a lot of material and Craig also does an excellent job of providing supporting materials in class and also to continue your education once the class is completed.  He breaks down complicated concepts really well so that everyone understands.  If you are interested in trading options and in tastytrade, I recommend taking his class.

Maria L.

Craig is an amazing teacher who has presented a wealth of information in 4 short weeks.  Before the class I felt totally overwhelmed by tastytrade/dough. Now I don't.  Now I can navigate the sites without feeling overwhelmed, and continue learning as I do.   I highly recommend the course to anyone interested in learning about the financial markets and about trading options.  

Sue T.

Craig has an in-depth understanding of Options Trading. His enthusiasm and experience regarding the subject are evident and contagious. As a beginner, I have the confidence to continue to learn and my goal is to begin trading regularly within the next three months. I know that I can call Craig and schedule a coaching session if I get stuck. 

Barbara N.

Craig teaches his options course in a straightforward and easy to understand manner. I learned a lot of great information that will help me tremendously in my trading.

Dan C.