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Craig Forman holds advanced degrees in Electrical Engineering as well as an MBA.  He held various positions in electronics design, development, and manufacturing over a 30+ year career.  The first half of his career was in telecommunications, and the second half was in the medical devices field.   He has been a self-directed investor for over 30 years, sporadically using fund managers to manage a portion of his portfolio.  After the financial meltdown of 2008, and seeing the miserable performance (relative to the S&P 500) of the portfolio that was being managed by “professionals”, Craig decided to educate himself on strategies to reduce risk and increase returns by using equity options.   He is well versed in both fundamental and technical analysis, and since 2008, has used options and futures extensively to reduce risk and increase probability of success in trading. 

After the corporation he worked for was acquired in 2009, and shortly thereafter announced it was moving its operations out of state, Craig decided to leave the corporate world to concentrate full time on personal wealth management.  The game changer for Craig was the launch of the tastytrade® financial media network in 2011.  This provided tremendous educational opportunities to learn and continually improve strategic options trading, as well as the ability to develop new skills in areas such as futures and futures options.

Since 2009, Craig has become an active trader and member of local investing groups.  He uses options strategies with stocks, ETF’s, and futures for growth, income, and risk management.  Craig loves to talk about investment strategies, and especially about the tastytrade® network, which has been so influential in his trading success.  He enjoys helping other retail investors learn how to use the tastytrade strategies to enhance their ability to manage personal investments.  He teaches investing classes at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education and at Newton Community Education.  He also offers coaching and mentoring services to individual investors.   He operates a website geared towards educating individual investors at